Hunting: Why Hunting Is Good For The Environment

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Hunting is a great sport that some people enjoy. People may enjoy it for the adrenaline of chasing the big animal you have been watching for weeks or months. Some people enjoy it for the meat that you can get from all the animals you can hunt. Other people may enjoy the sport because you are alone in the woods and can enjoy the beauty of nature. Hunters are just as focused on the environment as non-hunters because they are tasked to maintain the balance of the animal population, they are often focused on communing with nature, and they learn to appreciate the many things the natural world has to offer, such as sustenance and meat for survival. Hunting different kinds of animals can only help the environment. Each year hunting season open at different times and for big game animals such as deer, moose, elk, bear, and other large animals there are tags you are required to buy, whereas for small game animals like squirrel and rabbit they have a daily bag limit on the amount you can harvest per day. With that the state wildlife management groups can see how many animals are harvested each…show more content…
According to deer are having to find new habitat due to the urban movements and big construction projects that wipe out the deers living area and habitat. With the deer habitat decreasing, but the deer population increasing there is less land for the deer to live on but more deer to live on that land. While people think it is bad to kill deer and other animals as a sport it is actually being more ethical and more responsible by hunting the animals because with the land decreasing that also means that food amounts decrease and with less food that makes the chance for deer and other animals to starve higher than

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