Thallus Sextus-Julius Africanus

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Thallus Sextus - Julius Africanus 1. Jesus did exist. 2. Jesus was the founder of Christianity. 3. Jesus was worshipped by His followers. 4. Jesus was put to death by crucifixion. Lucian of Samosata also mentions Jesus in his book, The Death of Peregrinus, 165 A.D. [Peregrinus]was second only to that one whom they still worship today, the man in Palestine who was crucified because he brought this new form of initiation into the world… The Testimonium Flavianum has received disputation and criticism in the past, and some have even claimed forgery. Many cite that it is an interpolation of what Josephus had originally written. However, Josephus’s account of James - the brother of Jesus, is a direct link to not only James the Just, author of the New Testament’s Book of James and the brother of Jesus, but to the existence of Jesus himself. The James the brother of Jesus passage in the Antiquity of the Jews is found in all of the Antiquity of the Jews manuscripts, including all of the Greek texts, making this passage extremely reliable among modern scholars. Even if we toss out Flavius Josephus’s disputed works in Testimonium, we still learn that: 1. Jesus lived in the 1st century. 2. He performed miracles; many considered Jesus as the Christ. 3. He was a teacher with many followers. 4. He was tried…show more content…
Others named by an informer, said they had been Christians, but now denied [it]; certainly they had been, but had lapsed, some three years ago, some more; and more than one [lit. not nobody] over twenty years ago. These all worshiped both your image and the images of the gods and cursed

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