Why I Chose Social Work

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One of the biggest reasons why I am choosing to join the profession of social work is due to my past life experiences. To help you, the reader, understand what I mean by this I’ll just start from the beginning. Growing up, my parents struggled just to get by, which took a toll on my little brothers and me. From the time I was born until I was a proximally six year’s old, life seemed perfect. I was the oldest child of many siblings yet to come. My dad had a very successful dairy farm and my mom worked days as a CNA in Bloomer, Wisconsin. I had just started first grade and enjoyed making friends, as I was a very social little girl. After a few months of starting school, things turned sour. Believe it or not, the one place that I considered to be home was haunted. My parents always joked with each other about the place being haunted due to strange incidents that could not be logically explained. Towards the end of living in Bloomer, the haunting got more server and we ended up staying in a motel room. This took a drain on my parents financially so the decision was made to sell the farm. Although we sold the farm, my dad decided to keep the cattle. Farming was all that my dad ever knew how to do simply for the fact that he grew up on a dairy…show more content…
It sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth. We ended up dating each other, which taught me a lot about myself. When we first started dating I did cheat on him, which overwhelmed me with guilt after I told him about it. He stayed with me, which was probably the best thing he could have done for my sake. He told me if I wanted to stay together, I would have to give up partying and drugs. That was a compromise I was willing to make. For me personally, giving up parting was way easier than giving up drugs. It took a while, but I eventually gave up everything to be with him. I cleaned up my act, and he motivated me to enroll in college and make a life for

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