Hrm/531 Week 3 Best Practice

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Final 1. The very first best practice I think you could do is to be organized. For example if you have all your documentation in place and everything put up in a neatly and organized manner I feel like that just shows how you are as a person and you don’t even have to be in HR to do this . Another example let’s say you wanted to find an important file but you couldn’t because it was in a big pile somewhere in your office, but you know you won’t ever find it because of how unorganized you are. Or another example would be to build a strategic plan for you whole year even if it doesn’t come as planned you will still have something to keep you on track at work. 2. The second best practice I would do is have equal opportunity for all my employees or co-workers.…show more content…
That wouldn’t be so great because a business wants to make more money not lose it because of an accident that could have been prevented. It’s also good to have all your employees know the safety plan just in case something happens your employees will already know how to take care of the problem that has accrued. 9. The ninth best practice to me is having flexible work hour plans for the employees. I wouldn’t want to over work them and make them stay late because I’m sure they have families to go too and errands to run. Plus normally it’s just the normal forty hours a week no matter what time you go and if you wanted to make a little over time then maybe you could do that as well. Well I think it just all depends on the company you are working at or are applying for. 10. My last best practice I will be choosing is training. Training I think is necessary in almost every job. May be you already have the skills and education for the job position you got hired for, but I’m sure your new work place might do it a little bit more different then your old job

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