Why Go To College Essay

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When deciding on which college is for you is a stressful situation, we at least it was for me. When I was deciding to go to college, I had a huge decision on which college I should go to. What is the benefit of each and every college I apply to? While I was applying to colleges, I applied to the school that would most likely give me scholarship and also colleges that were located close to by my hometown, Dodge City. As my senior year of high school started, college admission letters began to roll in. I was eager to find out if I was accepted to the schools I applied to. When all the school’s acceptance letters began to roll in, I became over whelmed but egger to see I was accepted. The moment when I open the letter and read that I got accepted, I was ecstatic, I could not wait till college started. As my senior end was close to an end, I still haven’t…show more content…
I knew that I either wanted to major in either biochemistry, biology, chemistry, or biomedical engineering with an emphasis in Pre-Med. The majors that were offered at Wichita State University had over one hundred majors, including biochemistry, biomedical engineering, and many more. While Hartwick had about fifty majors that you could choose from. They only had the basic majors; chemistry, biology, mathematics and many more. Wichita State University also has many programs available for the students also. For example, they have pre-med, pre-pharm, engineering programs, and many more. While Hartwick has only one program which was a business program. Wichita State University is recognized for business, health professions, engineering, education, and homeland security majors. Whereas Hartwick College they are recognized for business, sociology, nursing, biology, and psychology majors. Overall Wichita State University had twice as more majors than Hartwick, which me favor Wichita State
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