Explain Why I Want To Be A Neurosurgeon

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Medicine became my passion ever started ever since I was in kindergarten. I started off wanting to be a veterinarian after taking care of my sick guinea pig Rosie. Then around fifth grade I wanted to be an audiologist when I lost my hearing in my right ear. I wanted other people to hear everything perfectly and build hearing aids because I thought they were fascinating. From middle school until the tenth grade I wanted to be a pediatrician because I just love children. Finally, in my last year of high school I will become a neurosurgeon. The brain is one of our most vital organ needed to live, I want people to feel, have memories and dreams. There are so many fields in medicine that I wish I could do them all and be some type of superhero. Being a neurosurgeon to me is more than…show more content…
I always build on my passion everywhere I go from school, after school when I’m finished playing soccer or swimming, and I will continue to build on in the future when I go to college. Being a neurosurgeon will not just be a passion but a career. If I want to become a neurosurgeon I have to expose myself to new influences and a new environment. Colleges like University of Maryland College Park, Johns Hopkins University, and Howard University will be great places to explore the new environment and meet new people especially who are trying to pursue a similar career as I am. I live for competition every day, from trying to get a high GPA and SAT score to beating another team in a soccer game. Therefore when it comes to college, I will find a blue ocean where I will compete with a bunch of other fishes, or students, to compete for the same of opportunities to get into the best college with a medical program. Building my passion in college will also benefit me when I with people with the same interests and values that I have. In a hospital, many doctors work in teams, I am definitely a team

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