Why Do You Think Football Is Too Dangerous

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Do you think football is too dangerous? Football is not because players and coaches are being taught on how to avoid injury, and laws and rules are being changed to prevent concussions from occurring. Players and coaches are more educated than ever before about the risk and how to prevent concussions. Coaches are teaching ways to make the game more safe to avoid injury, "The coaches have been told to tell the players to use their shoulders instead of their heads." This reduces the chance of concussions and other brain injuries significantly. It's not that football is dangerous, it is made dangerous when it is not taught correctly and players do things like repeatedly lead with their head causing an impact directly on the head and a possible concussion. Ultimately the coaching is what is contributing the most to the concussion, if the perfect technique and hits are done every time, an injury should never happen, keeping the players safe…show more content…
Also, "The Concussion Management and Awareness Act was passed in 2011 to regulate the course of action and safety measures taken when dealing with concussions in school sports." There are very strict rules and regulations in place so that players are fully healed and ready to go back out on the field after an injury. This prevents second impact syndrome, which is "a condition in which an athlete isn’t fully healed from their concussion, and they are introduced back into their sport too soon" resulting in severe injury. Because of the Concussion Management Awareness Act doctors are required to test and give the player a certain amount of time away from the game to make sure a player has enough time to recover from his injury to keep freak accidents and SIS from

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