The Murder Of Duncan In Shakespeare's Macbeth

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In the being of the play Macbeth was higher than Lady Macbeth. Once Macbeth told Lady Macbeth that the weird sister had told him that he was going to be the made thane of cowdor and eventually become the king of Scotland .Lady Macbeth felt that this was Macbeth opportunities to kill King Duncan. A become King of Scotland rather than be made thane of cowdor. Lady Macbeth had an it all planed out. Then she went off to tell Macbeth about her paln.While Macbeth was hearing her dreadful plan he was disgusted with his wife. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Than when Lady Macbeth saw Macbeth facial expression about her plan. She couldn’t believe that her husband wasn’t going along with her plan. Lady Macbeth felt that she had to manipulate Macbeth to do her evil and twisted deed. The way she precedes was by telling Macbeth she was going to “smash her unborn child head in” (Shakespeare page #)…show more content…
Is willing to do this to their unborn child. Macbeth pace back and forth thinking about what he just heard. He comes to a conclusion that he is not going to do it. He tells Lady Macbeth that she wouldn’t do that. Also, he tells her if she wants to kill King Duncan she should do it herself. Lady Macbeth tells him that she is that she won’t blackout. However even though Lady Macbeth couldn’t have the courage to do it her own wickedness plan. That’s why Lady Macbeth “overrides all her of her husband objects all her of her husband objects and persuade him to kill the king that very weight.”( ) Which she succeeds Macbeth kills King Duncan. Then she gets the chamberlains drunk to blame the murder of King

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