Edgar Allan Poe Accomplishments

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Edgar Allan Poe wrote many different stories during the romantic age. One of the most popular short stories is the Raven. Along with writing stories, from many people’s point of view Poe has been called crazy. The time period Poe wrote in was the Romanticism Period, it was from the 1770s through 1850s. This literary time period had a role on Edgar Allan Poe’s life because it showed the unordinary stories of this time. The type of stories Poe wrote were not accepted in his time when he was alive. The stories he wrote were too graphic and scary for people. The stories he wrote were about murder and tragic events in his life. When he was only three his parents died of TB and ever since the day they died he was obsessed with death. Poe's brother died of TB as well as his wife. These are the misfortunes…show more content…
Poe generally had a lot of time on his hands. He wrote 130 stories including a novel, short stories, two unfinished novels, he also wrote a lot of poems. One of the most famous short stories is the Raven, according to Biography. “Raven is considered a great American literary work and one of the best of Poe's career” (Biography). The raven is about a lonely man trying to ease the sorrow away from the death of his wife. He begins to hear a tapping outside the chamber door, but when he opens the door their is no one in sight. He sees nothing but black from the night sky. The man asks about the raven’s name and the raven replies” nevermore”. The phrase "from out my heart," Poe claims, is used, in combination with the answer "nevermore," to let the narrator realize that he should not try to seek a moral in what has been previously narrated (Poe, 1850). In the Raven there are many symbols like that which describe Poe. The first symbol is self-torture, this describes Poe because how crazy the man really was. Not only crazy in his stories but also crazy in real
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