Jeffrey's Perspective On Gun Violence

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In today’s society, numerous problems are occurring around the world and as time goes by, there has been an increase in them. The main problem that is being addressed is gun violence, and how gun laws should be stricter. Jeffrey Taxman (2016) considers firearms as sometimes being heroic, and also as an object of fear and a symbol of power. Gun violence affects the way people think because guns are used in a good way, but also in a bad way. Everyone has their own opinion about guns, and now today the situation has gotten worse over time and something has to be done because our population will be decreasing. This paper analyzes Jeffrey’s model, where we can get a better understanding on what may cause gun violence, mainly mass shootings. The model presented by Taxman (2016) shows strong developmental, cultural, and social forces where we learn why people’s actions lead them to commit horrific crimes and why they think their actions are right, when they are actually wrong.…show more content…
People assume that schools are safe but in reality, it’s not. There’s not much security around or metal detectors, just because you might be around a good neighborhood, people can still carry out a crime. Every time after a mass shooting occurs that’s when people start acting, but everything could of have been prevented in the first place if people were to have done something. Jeffrey Taxman (2016) said that, “attempted mass shootings appear to have as their main objective, the intent to hurt as many people as possible”. The shooter’s goal is to hurt and murder as many people as they can and this is why Jeffrey managed to construct a research on what drives people to do such

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