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Storm Of Steel Essay Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger is a WWI book from the perspective of a German soldier fighting in the trenches on the front line. The book is a chronicle of Junger’s own experiences and thoughts from the war. I thought that the book was very good at exploring how easy one could go from being alive and fighting to dead, just another casualty of war, in an instance. Junger himself escaped certain death numerous times by pure luck, recounting one of his memories from the battlefield, “I knew from the increasing noise that the arc of the next projectile was heading almost exactly for me. An instant later, there was a heavy crash at my feet, and soft scraps of clay flipped into the air. It was a dud!” (102). The British were…show more content…
Storm of Steel did an exceptional job capturing the pure chaos that took on the battlefield and in the war, since the book had no real plot except for each battle Junger fought in the war, which sometimes contained little anecdotes within each story. Now even though that’s the book’s most realistic aspect, there was no context in the beginning of the book, and no clear ending at the end of the book, instead Junger’s isolated memoires are thrown at the reader. No real specifics on other soldiers fighting in the war or their thoughts are mentioned due to Junger’s constant travel throughout different German units. The book also hardly focuses on the bigger picture, and instead the fine details, since when Junger was on the battlefield, the only thing he can focus on is the enemy firing unknown weapons at him and his friends. But Storm of Steel gives one of the most accurate story of what it really means to fight in the front lines that is available to be read. But, Storm of Steel connects also with the many wars and horrors seen throughout history. More specifically, Storm of Steel can connect to how soldiers and the nations they represent view the enemy in which they fight, and also the new advancements made in WWI that allowed for so

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