Persuasive Speech On Gun Control

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Gun control what is it? Gun control is basically a way for the government to control how we use,buy and sell guns. Its a way for the government to take away our basic right of freedom to have a gun. A Lot of people are pro gun control and all that for the shootings that happened now I agree with that but if you take away guns completely from america it will leave one of the biggest powerhouse in the world today vulnerable for attacks. Now don't get me wrong but,I think it would be safer if we kept guns around to protect the very same thing we have protected for hundreds of years our soil the land and air we breathe. Me personally and in my opinion I think we should keep guns around to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Grant it all the school shootings and stuff have happened but that's not the guns fault that's the person behind the gun, because if I put a gun in your…show more content…
Gun control is a broad term that covers any sort of restrictions or laws on firearms whether that be magazine clips or ammo or anything gun related really. Now the first thing I am going to talk about and why we need to have guns is because of security without the proper security at banks or at schools they will either get robbed or killed and shot up. Now a perfect example is Sandy hook elementary in 2012 there was a school shooting there Adam Lanza he was 20 and he killed 20 6 and 7 years old with a rifle and 3 school staffers before he killed himself before the police could get him. Now that wouldn't have happened if we had more secure and safer schools by having a security guard there at all times with a gun locked up in his office or a sheriff on the grounds at all times, protecting and making sure nothing bad happens to your kids. What would you do if you sent your kids to school just to get a phone call saying that the was an armed gunman in the school and he had killed 20 kids and one of your kids was one of the

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