Why Did Hitler Hate Jews

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Why did Hitler hate the Jews? By the time hitler was born in 1889 the Jews where “frowned apon” throughout Europe for many reason, First off going back to the Roman times they chased through out Europe by romans, who found it hard to take over over and control isreal at the time because jews did not worship the emperor as a god like the romans did. Second as Europe is mostly a christen continent they blame the jews for the death of jesus Christ their saviour, They were also seen as they put their religion before their country, which many people seen them as traitors and not patriots to their country, Jews where alined with being upper class and wealty, which most of Europe citzens who are going to through tough times pointed there fingers…show more content…
And two top it off Rosa and karl were both jewish as well as communist, Hitler would of seen the revolution as he lived in munich when it happened, Bavaria was declared a soviet republic and hitler who had so much german pride, and him seeing the german empire losing land to jewish communists and faught against german soliders and caused civil war, hitler would of witnessed all this blood shed caused by the jews in 1918, i believe hitler seeing all this in the early 20th centeury made hitler begin to hate the jews as many of the founders of the nazi party lived in munich also during this revolution led by the jews, so you can understand their distrust of the jews and why they had no pitty for them because of what happened in 1918 when they tried to team up with the Russians, And it didn’t stop their the uprising also broke out in hungary in 1919, Just like in Bavaria all the leaders of the revolution were jewish, So many Germans who where in the nazi party at the time were starting to hate the jews as where many people who seen how quick they teamed up with the Russians to try take over Bavaria. Even the soviet Red Army was set up by jewish communist Leon Trotsky, It would also explain why hitler broke the non aggression pact he made with the russins during world war 2 which gave them a bit of Poland, and did not attact each other but if hitler hated the jews so much over this red revolution it understandable that he would of hated the communists just as much and is the reason he would of invaded
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