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In the Christian faith, Moses and Jesus are notorious for having incredible similarities. Although Moses lived approximately 2000 years before Jesus did, his life in the Book of Exodus foreshadows the life of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. It is nothing short of amazing how much they have in common. From their relationship with God, to their controversial impact of the cultures in which they lived, and their journey to becoming religious leaders, the similarities between Moses and Jesus are remarkable. At the time of Moses’ birth, there was a new Pharaoh in Egypt. The new leaders decided that all first-born Hebrew males must be killed. Saving her son from death, Moses’ mother sent Moses afloat in a basket on the river. Luckily, the Pharaoh’s daughter discovers Moses and raises him. Moses is aware of his Hebrew roots and therefore feels a special connection to the Israelites. One day, he kills an Egyptian who is beating an Israelite worker. In fear Moses flees and ends up meeting a priest and marries the man’s daughter, beginning a new life as a shepherd. At this time God is concerned for the suffering of the Israelites. God appears to Moses in the form of a burning bush, informing Moses of his plan to return the Israelites to the Promised Land (Canaan). God plans to send Moses back to Egypt to accomplish this…show more content…
Moses breaks the stone and God plans to destroy the people. Moses intervenes on the Israelites’ behalf, begging God to sympathize and to remember His covenant. God continues to meet with Moses face to face, “as one speaks to a friend,” in a special tent set aside for worship (Exodus 33:11). God confirms his covenant with Moses, and, makes new stone tablets. God declares himself to be a compassionate, loving, and patient God. The Israelites then renew their commitment to the covenant with

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