Hitler's Contribution To The Nazis Rise To Power

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How Important Was Hitler's Contribution to the Nazis' rise to Power by 1933? There are many factors from between 1919 to 1933 that helped the Nazis rise to power as well as the fact that Hitler was their leader. For me to decide how important Hitler's contribution was, I am going to describe each factor and explain how it affected the Nazis rise to power. My first thoughts are what I think is the most important factor to the Nazis rise to power; this is in my opinion probably the Treaty Of Versailles. This is because many of the other factors were caused or affected by the Treaty. However this is only my opinion, before I have done any research so in the following essay I am going to show my ideas after research of course, following from this I will be planning to make a conclusion, deciding on which point I think that is the most important to Hitler’s significance of the rise of the Nazi party.…show more content…
I personally do not agree with this and see that if Hitler had not been such a strong and persuasive speaker the people of Germany would not have backed the Nazis' with as much force. Hitler had an amazing ability to make the public believe what he wanted them to believe. Hitler told the German people that he was the greatest leader that Germany had ever had and will ever have. The German people took him at his word and supported him and his dictatorship. This is one thing Hitler made the Germans believe, he also made them believe

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