How Did King Henry Viii Impact Society

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Introduction: Henry VIII was an imperative leader to avail the beginning of the long,compelling, exasperating Reformation that took place in England. Although, it stirred the reigns on many ends, it was most definitely not his pure intentions. The way he paced back and forth, from notion to notion, surely grew upon his nation in a long run. The thoughts he perceived always revolved around politics and so forth, his actions speak for themself. Thesis: King Henry VIII’s egoistic image, his aspiration for a male inheritor and, the great changes he created in the kingdom forthwith, caused the religious reformation as well as, a change that would impact society as whole. Body Paragraph One: The King was a man who had the exact idea…show more content…
This event not only caused the change of religious perspectives but, it left an impact on society as a whole. It allocated the stage of the Protestant Reformation. The King politically abused the parliamentary and as a matter of fact, shut down most monk monasteries throughout the country. They were taken away and looted by England which landed wealth to them. Without the "help" of Henry VIII religions would have been introduced to be intertwined with each other. The King brought the idea of Catholicism and Protestantism to be. Personally, Henry VIII stayed catholic, regardless of the increasing amount of people at the court as well as, nation who were practicing Protestantism. The economic and structure of England suffered greatly while Henry VIII was monarch. Coming into the throne Henry, was luckily in the hands of all the wealth his father had left behind. Spending was an issue as he would spend extensive amounts of money for his own luxuries consisting of, weapons, land, and especially gifts for his mistresses. Henry VIII changed society's view of religion and how people viewed things. Even in our present day the Church of England is the still the church that

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