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In the book Dark Places by there are many different settings or object that are very significant in this story. The three places and objects that stand out include, the crime scene, Ben Day’s room and a refrigerator. These things all go hand in hand, and all connect to each other in one way or another. First, what Libby sees in the opened up room of her old house is a bloodbath. As she walks on the gnarled floorboards, she can see only red on the once white walls of the two story house. Libby Day can hardly recognize her own home, which is now covered in yellow tape reading “DO NOT CROSS” and “CRIME SCENE.” When Libby is now in her own home, remembering her past memories, she comes across the couch her mother once sat in. Her mother now lying ice cold on the floor, beside the couch she used to sit in once before. Across the room Libby’s father is chopped up with strikes from the bloody axe, which is propped up on the couch. “The axe had been on that couch, waiting for someone to pick it up.” (Flynn 167). This quote describes the axe, in which Ben had used to butcher his own family with. This axe leads me to my next point, Ben’s room.…show more content…
Ben’s room was the usual, clothes lying on the floor, wrappers on the desk. But what was not usual was the neatly stacked notebooks for the usually messy Ben. In these notebooks, were pentagrams followed by drawings of Satan and the numbers 666 were everywhere around the notebook. “Neatly drawn pentagrams and other marks of Satan filled up the notebook.” (Flynn 263). This quote describes what Libby saw when she first opened up one of the notebooks on the desk. What Libby saw had totally caught her off guard and she truly gaped at the sight of this. Her brother had left behind such an important asset to help people figure out the real Ben

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