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In the movie Signs the director portrays a message using the conflicts between father and son and the crop circles and aliens. Graham has taken full responsibility of his kids Morgan and Bo after his wife’s death six months before. They live with Graham’s brother Merrill, in a farm house located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Forty five miles outside of Philadelphia. Almost isolated from the rest of the town. Graham’s faith was tested throughout the film. In order to save his family he had to see and believe. Graham left his position as a priest after his loss which lead to losing his believe in god. When the film starts the camera goes over a shadow on the wall of a cross that was taken down. He also states, “Please don’t call me father…show more content…
Graham wakes up due to distant screams of Morgan and Bo out in the corn fields. As he walked past a wall there were painted pictures of aliens on the wall. Then, Merrill wakes up to another scream and they both ran towards the kids. Graham sees Morgan as he says, “The dog woke us up. I think god did it”. Morgan was pointing to a large circle where the crops where cut down. Too big and perfect for a person to do alone. Later, they find out that they were not the only ones who experienced those crop circles, people from all over the world experienced them too. The world was experiencing an alien invasion which threatened the safety of the family. Bo states, “There is a monster outside my window. Can I have a glass of water?” as well as Reddy the vet later says, “Don’t go into my pantry father. There’s one of them in there.” Graham also saw a foot going into the crops when he was outside. With all the encounters they had with the aliens, Graham is convinced they were going to die so Merrill helps as they boarded up the house to stay protected at a minimum. That same night the aliens entered and damaged the house but no harm was done. Graham talked to Merrill about two of his philosophies on luck. The first one was that everything that occurs is on purpose. God designed everything and they are in it together. The second one is that there is no god. Everything occurs

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