The Cold War: A Short Story

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Quinn Delgado was a fairly peculiar bunch. He had daddy issues, girl issues, drinking issues, but the one thing he didn’t find an issue was his work ethic. Most teens his age normally don’t, but his was a different story. He was used to hard work, the kind that will give you sunburn and back problems. He almost thrived it. He used to think it was better feeling hurt then feeling nothing at all. Now, he knew it was the satisfaction of getting the work done, that since of accomplishment. Secretly he always knew it was weird, but Quinn never went a day without acknowledging the urge. Mr. Spider McCreeps, the other two had told him the nickname they had given him, always woke him up bright an early. He seemed to like him...a lot. It didn’t make him very comfortable in the slightest. The nickname suited the man to a T. Everything about him was spider like and every word said towards him gave him chills.…show more content…
Once the two boys had officially been acquainted, Spidey was already calling Kile upstairs. Shortly after he’d left the dusty cement block, Quinn’s new guest arrived. Or...more so his host. He practically growled at the man. That asshole with the smug face! Who did he think he was just going around kidnapping him like that?! And what’s worse?! He’s not the only one! That fucking criminal. “Now, now.” The man had said,” No need for that. Besides, I believe you are going to want to hear what I have to say.” “Oi feckin doubt
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