Sexist Dress Code Violations

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Sexist Dress Codes Many girls in public schools have fallen victim to dress code violations, including myself. In high school, administrators and teachers walked the hallways during the warmer months pinpointing girls that were dressed “inappropriately”. The most common violations students received were shorts that were not fingertip length and tank tops that showed off your shoulders. The most common violators were girls. The adults would report you to your grade level principal to receive your punishment and to schedule your detention. After school, the detention room on the second floor was filled with girls that had violated the dress code on the previous day. Girls are constantly being punished for being distractions to their male peers and teachers. The strict dress codes that are enforced to stop distracting males interfere with females school and work and should be abolished.…show more content…
As if that is not enough, a school in Florida began enforcing a shame suit. Those that are wearing inappropriate clothing are given no other option but to go to the nurse's office and change into a neon yellow T-shirt and red sweatpants that read “dress code violation” in all capital letters. A 15 year old student who was new to the school was told that the shame suit is used to embarrass and prevent people from violating the dress code twice. (Murphy, Student Forced to Wear ‘Shame Suit’ for Dress Code Violation) If anything, the tactic this Florida school uses causes more of a distraction to the male classmates than ladies showing a little bit of

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