Why Are So Many Americans Fat Essay

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Why are so many Americans fat? Why are so many Americans fat? This seems to be a question that people from all over ask. In every poll you ever see, Americans always finish last when obesity is compared to other countries. When you compare the weight of Americans to other countries there is a noticeable difference; Americans being overweight is because of the price difference between healthy food and junk food, the convenience of fast food, and so many different lifestyle differences. Many Americans would love to be fit, healthy, and proud of how their body looks. They would love to be able to go to the grocery store and buy healthier options. Unfortunately, many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. It is much cheaper to go to the grocery store and choose the foods that are not as healthy for you. A person can buy two or three boxes of snack cakes for the same price as one bag of fruit. When you compare the prices of boxed and canned food to the prices of fresh produce there is a big gap in the price difference. Salads and fruits are considered some of the healthiest options to choose. For many people those options are way out of their…show more content…
After a long hard day at work, it is so much easier to just stop and get fast food. The ability to go through a drive-thru and order what the family wants is a huge plus. Who wants to come home and spend their free time cooking after working all day? The idea of bringing home food already prepared is too hard to pass up. It gives everyone the opportunity to relax and enjoy one another's company. One more reason is once everyone has finished eating the cleanup is simple. The American family that has worked all day is just too tired to worry about coming home to cook and clean. Between working all day and then coming home to household duties it is just too overwhelming to try and prepare a healthy meal. They would prefer to use this time as quality family

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