Beowulf-Good Vs. Evil

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One of the main themes in Beowulf would be that of good vs. evil. This theme lets is an easy comparison for us to recognize since we deal with it in everyday llife. Good vs. evil in Beowulf was a main idea that carried out from the beginning until the end. We see this theme repeated through the battling of Grendel, the complete differences between the mead hall and the swamp, and the battling of the dragon in the end. Good vs. evil is very prevalent throughout this novel. Grendel, one of the main characters in this book, represents evil and darkness. Whenever we hear about him, or see him, he is either attacking at night or terrorizing people. He is a true villian. The fact that he attacks at night shows us that he is surrounded by darkness which is a symbol for evil. Also the fact that Grendel comes and kills many innocent people lets us realize he is an evil creature. But for every evil creature there is someone who must defeat it, thus letting us regonizing the good in the story. One such character is Beowulf; he is the hero in this novel who destroys the evil known as Grendel. Beowulf is always seen as mighty, and strong. He is said to have the strength of 30 men which lets us know he is better then the adverage man. We recognize him as a great man and instantly put him as the good. In the main battle between…show more content…
evil in this novel would be the mead hall compared to the swamp. The mead hall where all the humans are located is bright, and joyful. Its was talked about as being a place for rejoycing as well as celebration, and drinking. Even Grendel, the representation of evil, was furious when he overheard the humans having a good time. The meadhall, where Grendel lives, is a dark place where monsters live, and where the pool is dark and bloody. The swamp is a deep hole in the earth, where Grendel and his mom live. The darkness and bloodiness of the hole represents hell and evil, compared to the glorious meadhall of the

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