Who Is To Blame In Romeo And Juliet

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Love is a very strong word especially when you are directing it towards someone else. Love, and affection towards someone can end in many ways sometimes happiness, sadness, or sometimes it can end in a tragedies. People shouldn't be able to fall in love with other people at first sight. First of all it can be dangerous, because you do not know the person and second you do not know if he likes or loves you back. But some people think different, and this essay will be informed about two young people who are deeply in love with each other, and how it all ends in a tragedy and who it is to blame for. People always make mistakes or bad choices as romeo did in the story. Romeo was the one to blame for, for everything. First of all he shouldn't have…show more content…
He was putting Juliet's life in danger and his life also. Then later that day Juliet is demanded to marry Count Paris or else she would get kicked out of her house, and would stop being in her parents lives. On the next day after Juliet is demanded to marry Count Paris, Paris himself goes and talks to Friar Laurence about the wedding that was getting near. Afterwards Juliet goes to Friar Laurence explaining the problem she was having about being forced to marry Count Paris, and she did not want to because she already had a husband which was Romeo. Friar Laurence then suggest that she should take a drug that made her go to sleep for 42 hours, on the night before she got married, and then she would appear to be dead and run away with Romeo. Later on, Friar Lawrence sends Friar John to Mantua to tell Romeo how it was gonna go down. But the message was never delivered correctly, and Romeo finds out the wrong information from Balthasar (Romeo's servant and trusted friend) that Juliet is dead. Romeo was deeply let down after finding out that the love of his life was. Romeo then goes and buys poison from Apothecary ( a poor, starving, skeletal man with massive eyebrows) in a little shop Apothecary owned. Romeo knew that if Apothecary sold him the poison and someone found out Apothecary could get put in prison, but still Romeo did not care and
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