Who Was To Blame For Romeo's Downfall

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Romeo was to Blame for the Downfall of Himself and Juliet William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous tragedies in History, but why did it have to result in a violent ending? Some may think it was fate, other free will. Evidently many roles played in to this tragic story for example Benvolio, but ultimately, Romeo was to blame for the downfall of himself and Juliet. Since the beginning, Romeo had always been very passionate and acted on his first instinct, which always bound to result in disaster. Romeo was also very naïve, he was very confused about his feelings and very persistent that he was in love and wouldn’t have it any other way. However the most fatal flaw of Romeo was his arrogance, he was determined to prove his love all the time. This over clouded the important advice of his friends. Romeo was to blame for the downfall of himself and Juliet.…show more content…
Romeo was a very passionate character and did things with his heart rather his head. He was very ignorant and tended not to think of consequences when he had an idea he did it. Romeo’s passionate love for Juliet caused him to make many more rash decisions than ever before. One of the worst impulsive decisions Romeo made in the play was in Act 5, he told Balthasar “Leave me, and do the thing I bid thee to do (act. 5, scene. 1, line: 30).” In this scene Romeo had just found out about Juliet’s ‘death’, he instantly wanted to go see Juliet not matter the consequences, ignoring the advice of Balthasar and ignoring the fact he had been exiled. If Romeo had not just acted on impulse in this scene, the story of Romeo and Juliet may have turned out differently. Romeo was to blame for the downfall of himself and

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