Romeo Is To Blame In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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WHO IS TO BLAME? A bloody Soap Opera occurs in Verona, Italy, at the hands of two star crossed lovers. In Romeo in Juliet, there so many reasons why Romeo and Juliet died , every single character in the book is to blame! I will be dissecting this mysterious Soap Opera and assigning blame where blame is due. Romeo has the least blame of these three. If Romeo would have stayed faithful and not been promiscuous, he would not be in this situation. If Romeo would take things slow and not be so inpatient we would not have this problem. Also, it is Romeo's fault for getting banished from Verona. Romeo gets himself into trouble by not being patient, for once he sees Juliet dead, he kills himself when she is not really dead. Romeo is also…show more content…
Lastly, it is Romeo's fault to begin with for going to the party that he was not even invited to. The Nurse has way more blame than Romeo, the nurse was Juliet's mother figure. She mothered Juliet and she knew about Juliet and Romeo's marriage. If it was not for the nurse Romeo and Juliet would not be married. The nurse hunted for Romeo to get them married, even after the nurse realized he was an enemy Montague! After Romeo was banished, the nurse wanted to make Juliet marry Paris even though she knew she was already married to Romeo. Lastly, the nurse is responsible for not telling her masters that her daughter was dating a Montague! It is the nurse's duty to inform Capulet and Lady Capulet. Friar Lawrence is my main protagonist in this play. Romeo comes to Friar needing advice about Rosaline, the Friar helps Romeo more than once with Romeo's girl advice. When Romeo and Juliet become in love the Friar married them knowing the consequences, " So smile the heavens upon this holy act.. These violent delights have violent ends". When Juliet was forced into marrying Paris, the Friar had the brilliant idea of putting Juliet to sleep so she would seem dead. When Friar Lawrence found out about
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