Who Is The Conch In Lord Of The Flies

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In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the concepts of civilization and humanity are scrutinized through the analysis of characters and symbols. Jack had a blood lust by the end of the book. When the conch was broken all order was lost. Piggy and Simon were killed. The little kids just followed Jack and went savage. They were savages that worshipped the “Beastie”. The symbol of the conch represents power, leadership, and nothing within the novel. In the beginning of the novel, the conch represents leadership and respect. Ralph used the conch to take control of the boys and lead them to give them order and so that they don’t go chaotic and do whatever they want. The conch also represents respect because everyone expected Ralph to take control and he was respected by everyone as chief. Ralph was chose as the leader because he held the conch. The boys also treated him as the authoritative figure when he called meetings. He…show more content…
“‘With the conch. I’m calling a meeting even if we have to go on into the dark. Down on the platform. When I blow it. Now.’” Whenever people were around the conch they would act civilized and they would obey the rules. Even Jack had some respect for the rules because everyone else was following them. The power of the conch is tested and its power is starting to degrade. They are starting to become more savage and less civilized. They are loose all sense of the civil world and become more animalistic. Jack starts to become bloodthirsty. Jack also peels off of ralph and starts his own community and makes himself as king. Ralph also starts to question his own leadership when they had killed Simon. He was the only one who has truly called them killing Simon murder. So basically Jack becomes power and blood hungry does whatever he wants to get it. He also recruits followers to come to his side because he wants Ralph’s power to decrease and his to
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