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World War II was one of the most important wars in our world’s history. World War II is so important that even Britain was at stake of being taken over by the Nazi’s. Even the United States was being attacked from the Far East, Japan. The Battle for Moscow started on October 2nd 1941. Hitler believed once the capitol of Russia was captured the whole nation would fall apart. Field Marshall von Bock was given command of the attack on Moscow. Bock had 1 million men, 1,700 tanks, 19,500 artillery guns and 950 combat aircraft. And to defend Moscow, Russia only had under 500,000 men, less than 900 tanks and just over 300 combat planes. It was clear that Hitler wanted Moscow. There were 2 assaults on Moscow in subzero temperatures. In the end Hitler’s order was a terrible decision because the Wehrmacht was pushed back between 60 and 155 miles ("The Battle for Moscow" 1 of 2). The Battle of Stalingrad is…show more content…
This battle was the last massive Nazi offensive during World War II. This was Hitler’s last attempt to split the allies into two and destroy their ability to supply themselves. The battle started December 16th 1944, and ended mid-January 1945. The battle of the Bulge was the biggest battle fought by American troops in World War II. The Americans lost 81,000, while Germany lost 100,000. Hitler’s plan to split the allies was ruined when the allies’ hatred for Nazi Germany greatened ("The Battle of the Bulge” 1 of 2). The Battle of Berlin ended World War II in Europe. It was fought between April and May of 1945. Russian victory saw the end of Hitler’s Third Reich. Russia outnumbered Germany, by 1,000,000 men to 2,500,000. Despite the obvious loss of the Germans, Hitler continued to direct the defense against the city putting his faith in Germans 12th army. The Russians lost 80,000 men killed and 275,000, and the Germans lost 150,000 men ("The Battle for Berlin" 1 of

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