Who I Am Today

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I was raised by a big family, I have 2 older sisters, 2 older brothers, and 2 younger brothers. Unlike most siblings we get along very well. We were raised to be respect one another and help each other out. No matter what the problem is my family will always be helpful and very supportive which makes me who I am today. I was brought up in a small neighborhood where there's never been much to do, but I managed to keep myself busy by extra curricular activities. Throughout my many years in school I had many helpful teachers who has changed my perspective on things in a better way. They made me understand the good and bad things about the career I was looking into which made me think twice. Thier advice made things easier for me and made me understand more about the career I want. I believe getting advice or imput from others around you will help you become a better person because you get another person's perspective not just yours.…show more content…
I've been dancing for longer than I can remember. I started off in preschool and stopped my middle school years. I stopped dancing throughout my middle school years because one of my uncles that was closest to my family passed away which really affected us. He was the one who motivated me to dance and always took me to my performances. He would always be the one at the front of the stage. I then became really shy and quiet. My sisters wanted me to get back into dance. I went to an open call which is an event a dance company has to inform you in how practices will be like and what to expect. I attended it and they began with stretches and I was surrounded by unfamiliar faces which made me uncomfortable so I ended up not participating in the event they held so I did not join the
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