College Admissions Essay: Who I Am Today

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My life will begin when I get out into the world, establishing myself as a citizen of the world. I will have achieved my dreams and beyond, and I would’ve touched the lives of those around me and more in a positive way, and my children will start off in a better place than where I am today. Either this will be my future, or my other future will consist of none of the things I've always wanted, and everything I never wanted to be. There's no grey. The only thing that can decide the difference between these two outcomes is the fight I have today. The obstacle I face is not physical. There is no major financial or social issues in my way of the future I want. It's a fight I face everyday, and that enemy of my destiny is my lingering inability to make the decision to live life, and I must win the fight everyday; only recently have I gathered the strength to fight. Even though my lack of will used to define me, the moments when I shine most is when I tap into the endless strength that we all have inside of us, and to say "I won't give in". When I went back to Washington to visit my family, and a few of us went on I bike ride when came across this giant hill that everybody was going to race to the top…show more content…
After getting on top of that hill, I was greeted with them calling me ‘push around’ names like “a try hard” or “a goody good” or whatever modern trends are used to conceal their amazement at the pay off from the hard work of others. That's the position I decided never to take, by belittling someone because I'm impressed by them. I will always be hungry to be better than the next challenge in my way, be it a person, a situation, or a mind set. On that hill, I had to beat everyone while fighting gravity. Gravity will forever be there, but it will always be weaker than my will, which is why I won, and always will

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