Personal Narrative: Living In A Different World Jesus M. Polanco

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Living in a different world Jesus M. Polanco As Far back as I could remember I never liked to follow trends. I’ve always liked to be different. I have always had a passion for cars ever since I could talk (according to my family). There are a lot of people who have an interest for cars. But instead of being like most people in a community and liking the common cars that everyone knows, I like the ones that are not common but are known in a small community and down to specifics in being completely different than most other cars. I used to be oblivious to how distinct I was, I used to think people knew or were into the same things as I was. Back then I would always have this thought in my mind that all the people that I was friends with…show more content…
But as I grew and learned new things from different perspectives and realized how reality is, I started to realize that most of the people that I knew back then and associated with wouldn’t be by my side or grateful of how kind/thoughtful I was to them. I started to cut down on who and how many of my friends I have. I would think about all these people, I’m stressing myself out having these people in my thoughts and they didn’t even consider me. I was into being in some kind of crowd due to the lack of feeling accepted and how I was once picked on, I decided to join a crowd but I then realized that I don’t have the same goals as my formal peers nor the same interests. That’s when I began to realize that I’m completely different from that crowd, I was around the wrong people. I wasn’t around people who were going to help me succeed or support me in my interests, I needed to separate myself from them and find the ones who will be a positive aspect in my life. I did and today I am still associated with them, even though it has been a rocky road to get where I am at, I am grateful to have met my friends of today. I then began to think more on myself and to better myself as a person and to

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