Cryptozoology: The Science Of Hidden Animals

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Cryptozoology What is cryptozoology? Cryptozoology is “The science of hidden animals” (Sham Inuuiry). There are many different cryptic animals all over the world. A few are Marozi, Kamchatka Giant Bear, Skunk Ape, Lizard Man, Jersey Devil, and El Chupacabra. There are many more cryptid animals but those are just a few. There are people who believe in cryptozoology and want to find the animals all over the world and then there are people who don’t believe in it and think people are looking for nothing. Cryptozoology combines three Greek words that mean respectively, hidden, animal, and discourse. It didn’t actually become known until 1955 when Heuvelman wrote a book called On the Track of Unknown Animals. “In 1982 the International Society of Cryptozoology was founded” ( If animal is considered part of cryptozoology it has to carry at least one of these traits…show more content…
There is a tale in Great Britain called a Marozi. This is a maned lion’s face with a jaguar-like body. It is to think to live in the Kenya’s mountains but hasn’t been seen since the 1930’s. The Kamchatka Giant Bear is known to be on the Kamchatka Peninsula and was first spotted in the 1920’s. It is known to be two times bigger than a grizzly Bear. It is believed they survived the most recent ice age. The Skunk Ape is believed to live in the Florida swamps and to be over six foot tall and smell horrible. The Lizard Man is supposedly a “Scaly green hominid” who lives in a swamp in South Carolina (Cryptozoology). The Jersey Devil is supposedly a winged horse faced kangaroo with pig hooves. It was born in the 1700’s but didn’t get well known until the early 1900’s. Then there is El Chupacabra from Puerto Rico. This is supposedly a fanged clawed beast that eats livestock blood. It was reported in the 1950’s. There is also one that is to believe to live in Texas. There are many other known cryptids out there but these are just a

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