How Is Love Presented In Othello

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We all ruminate love to be only when we feel affection but in Othello, Shakespeare presented love in different versions to show us that different people have various views and ideas of love. Othello’s love is mostly based on innocence and appearance. Desdemona’s love, conversely, is assembled from character and her hunger for experience. Iago, on the other hand, finds love in worldly things like power, status, and money. Shakespeare explored the many vessels love flow through in Othello. Othello fell in love with Desdemona because of her innocence and appearance. Othello stated, “She lov’d me for the dangers I had pass’d, And I lov’d that she did pity them…” (1.3.166-167), which demonstrates that Desdemona’s innocence and hunger for adventures made Othello love her. Othello admired Desdemona’s empathy on what he had been through, which helped his feelings towards her develop. Desdemona recognizes Othello’s pain and…show more content…
He is obsessed with status. His rant to Roderigo in 1.1 describes his rage towards Othello for picking Cassio to be his lieutenant/officer over him. Iago aspired for Cassio’s position because then, he will have a higher status, and thereafter overthrow Othello. When this happens, he will have all the power he hankers for. Iago loves money as well. Everybody loves money, but Iago’s love for money is insuperable. In his conversation with Roderigo (1.3.330-364) he kept on telling him to “put money in thy purse”. He knows Roderigo is rich yet unwise, desperate, and rash, thus he uses him to get money. He needs money for he knows that it gives someone power and he is besotted with it. Iago is being blinded by power, that he will do whatever it requires him to; even manipulating people around him. He wants to take control of their minds in order to have power over them. He manipulates the people around him without realizing he is also being manipulated by his love for power and
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