Arguments Against Scared Straight

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The scared straight program is a program that is designed to deter juvenile participants from future criminal offenses. Although the reasoning for this program can be very beneficial to troubled young ones; it is difficult to say that this program really helps kids. A few dilemmas that are with this program are that the scared programs are far from reducing crime, it costs the government a lot of money and it does not guarantee that the person will never get in trouble again or that the person has learned their lesson. The Scared Straight Program brings youth at risk with an adult prison where they are confronted by inmates. This particular program includes prison tours, personal stories told by inmates, and integration of youth into the…show more content…
If punishment is not working then maybe another approach is necessary. Having a positive daily routine to keep them busy and to show a child other parts of the world that they may have not seen is a step to a support system. The main goal of this juvenile program Scared Straight and any other juvenile program is for our kids not for probation but for empowerment, more skilled and more motivated. The Scared Straight programs has youth avoiding behavior by experiencing what happens to others, It is as if their problem is being covered up rather than working towards a solution that can be long-term rather than short…show more content…
Each horizontal line shows the results of one study. The length of the line represents the confidence interval to the other. All the vertical lines in the middle show the point where there is no effect. Because the results are mainly on the right it shows the increase of crime rate. Research shows that the program Scared Straight increases delinquent outcomes by 1% to 28% (Bastian 2014: 3-4). So then the major question that I asked before is why participate if it does not work? and the answer is friend and family become desperate when their loved one needs help and guidance in their life. Scared Straight is a popular program because they align with common cultural views and punishment (Lavarello, 2012). In today's time children go through so much that it can completely ruin one's

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