Longing To Belong By Annie Dillard Summary

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In the bibliography “An American Childhood” written by Annie Dillard, Dillard writes about one of her unforgettable memories and experience that taught her some values and morals in life, that is about the differences of viewing life between adults and children. On the other hand, Saira Shah, in her article, “Longing to Belong”, she writes about how her dreams to being part of her “original culture” crashed by a single incident that make her realize that the reality is not the same as what she expect her culture will look like. Therefore, it is clear that both of the writers in these two essays together experienced and portrays disappointment in their essays. To be specific, both of them disappointed after what they want the most in their life…show more content…
In other words, they want to be a part of something that they know that they are exiles from it. In addition, we can see that this feeling of exile that makes them eager to explore the situation that they are exile from and be part of it but, it also leads them to disappointment in the end. From “An American Childhood”, we can see that Dillard exile from being a stereotypical girl as she enjoys breaking the rules and play sports just like boys. It is proven when she wrote, “nothing girls did could compare with it” where ‘it’ represents playing football. Dillard hangs out with boys, being exposed with “boyish” lifestyles even though she was a girl, by breaking and flaunts the rules and “nothing girls did could compare with it” means that there is a stereotypical aspects about girls that time and it was a privilege for girls to play football in 1950s. While, Saira Shah exile from her original Afghani-Pakistani culture as she been born and raised in Britain. Because of that, she did not experience any of her culture, as she not was being exposed to it. Thus, she imagined and thought that her culture is one of the best things that could happen in her life, that is why she wanted to be part of

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