Fahrenheit 451 Monomyth Pattern Analysis

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Garrett Stark Mr. Turley World Foundations 201 12 December 2015 Monomyth Pattern in Fahrenheit 451 In Ray Bradbury’s novel entitled Fahrenheit 451 the monomyth pattern introduced in Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey is followed. Two of the main symbols Bradbury used in his book to help get his point across where fire and knowledge. These are to very powerful elements. Used for good or bad these two elements can change an individual’s life forever. Both of these elements need to have laws or controls in place in order to help control the possible effects. In Fahrenheit 451 this is done by Guy Montag who is a fire man, only in this story he starts fires to save the world or so he thought. As the story begins we read about Guy who is overcome…show more content…
He claims stealing these books was meant to be because he just did it without thinking about it. ‘hand crushed the book with wild devotion…his hands had done it all… with a brain of its own.” It was however not allowed to be curious or ask questions in his society because they lead to knowledge and knowledge leads to power. Those in-charge of running the world or society want nothing to do with people who know anything because they begin to loss control. When Montag informs Mildred he was reading banned books she pleads with him to give up this pursuit of knowledge. This is the point in the monomyth when the challenge begins. Montag now has to overcome not only society but the love of his life as well if he is going to gain the knowledge he seeks. As he continues to gain knowledge the trail becomes bigger and bigger because family applies more and more…show more content…
He has to overcome the Captain and the hound that guards the firehouse before he can start his return in the monomyth pattern. This part of the journey begins as he takes off through the city trying to avoid the authorities who are hunting him. As Montag is fleeing the city there are a few things he has to take care of in order to make his return complete. Guy stops by Faber’s house and tells him the story of his adventure after which Faber gives his blessing allowing Guy to flee into the river. While on the river Montag begins to think about all that has happened in his life and how he is going to react to others he may encounter. This time of reflection is like a rebirth for Montag. The river washes away all remnants of his former life, leaving his a clean new man to start over

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