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A man, a myth, a possible candidate for the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador? Who else could it be but Gary Paulsen? Angelina Jolie has stepped down from her post at UNICEF, a non-profit organization that fights for children’s rights and well being around the world, leaving it in desperate need of a Goodwill Ambassador to spread their message to the public. Despite the fact that many people believe that Eleanor Roosevelt should be the next Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, Gary Paulsen would be infinitely better suited for the position; Paulsen is courageous, empathetic, and caring. This man is truly brave. One may not know, but this iconic author ran away from his home at a young age. In his own words “With the drinking at home and all the kind of problems it caused I couldn’t live in the house.” (Paulsen 144). Despite the fact that Gary Paulsen had to create his own home in a basement, he put himself through school. In order to buy clothes and books, he would risk his life by working late every night, then walking home alone in the dark. He ended up making it through school because of his bravery and determination. Throughout his childhood, he made the hard choice, like taking on one extra…show more content…
To review, he has exceptional courage, extraordinary empathy, and incredible kindness, all of which are characteristics that are crucial at UNICEF. Though others are pulling for different people, such as Jackie Robinson or Eleanor Roosevelt, they only possess one or two of these qualities. Paulsen shows all three and more. He did not let hard times define him, nor will he let others be defined by their hard times. He will fight for children with the valor of a lion, the compassion of a dove, and the understanding of a peer. To make anyone else a Goodwill Ambassador would be a mistake, so be smart, be informed, and give him the

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