Ayn Rand's Anthem: Rules And Controls

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Rule and Controls of Anthem The city of Anthem has many regulations and directions for the citizens. Equality has broken many of these rules and regulations that every citizen is required to follow. Once Equality shows his new light source to the World Council he must flee to a different area of the world to get away from the rules and controls that have been put on his society. To live in a society in Ayn Rand’s dystopian world would be hard and troublesome to many people in our world because of the control and rule over the citizens of Anthem. Equality has many rules and controls put on his shoulders in the city and not all of them are beneficial to every person. In Anthem, Equality is faced with obstacles against himself. The rules and controls exist because they are supposed to benefit the society as a whole. A person’s job and purpose in life is to benefit the city. Nobody in the society gets to choose what they do for the rest of their life, but they are told to do what is helpful to others. Equality says, “ It was not that the learning was too hard for us. It was that the learning was too easy. This is a great sin, to be born with a head which is too quick”(21). Equality was extremely smart, but the Council of Vocations called his name and assigned him as a street sweeper which is a job that a person…show more content…
“We felt the cords of our neck grow tight as our head rose higher to look upon the faces of the Council, and we were happy. … We would accept our Life
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