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Often times when people think of Goats they think of lovable and playful farm animals with a bigger than life personality, but what they tend to not see is the abuse that goats are put through. There are several types of abuse that goats go through and they can be broken down into four categories: physical abuse, mental/emotional abuse, intentional abuse and unintentional abuse. Although goats seem to always be happy they can be very stressed or depressed from the abuse that they are put through and can even be physically harmed from the abuse as well. Due to the fact that goats have such large personalities, they tend to be very stressed or worried when put through certain situations, so when people put goats through a situation that causes…show more content…
Castration is the process of removing a male goats’ reproductive organs to prevent pregnancies and / or reduce hostility in male goats. Castration is often times a procedure that must be completed and can be done with minimal pain and stress put on the goat, but problems do occur when it is done too early or too late. In an experiment carried out by the Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University show that goats castrated between 4 and 6 weeks after birth had undeveloped genitals, but group castrated 14-16 weeks endured a long painful castration. The control group was castrated at 12-14 weeks after birth and had an ideal genital development as “The highest measurements of penile length, penile weight, penile circumference and urethral lumen perimeter were recorded.” (Kibria 502.) The closest group to the control were goats castrated at 8 to 10 weeks after birth as they “were found to have similar parameters with that of control group.”(Kibia 503.) This being observed, it is evident that people tend to avoid researching proper castration times and can cause severe pain or defects to their goats that could have easily been avoided with a small amount of research, thus proving that people can abuse their goats unintentionally by neglecting the instructions and information put before

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