Environmental Issues In The Environment

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Environmental changes and issues have become global concern in our today’s world since they affect both rich and poor, developed and developing countries. Ecology which refers to the air, plants, Organism, mineral resources and water that surround and support the organisms such as humans, has been combined with politic due to the distribution and owning of commons(power). This paper explains the causes, effect and ways of managing common from being overused referencing from common property and rational land manager theories. So, first and foremost, one can never study environmental changes separately from human utilization of it therefore political ecology is appropriate On the political ecology perspectives, environmental change does not occur…show more content…
Political critique about these issues is the fact that the land can never expand to accommodate this increasing population. UNICEF estimated that at least 130 million babies are born each year and this is not an actual number as some children are not register. This is a burden even to humans as they will have food to eat for survival not for social activities. The struggles over resources came have their root in the inequality of own or access to resources. But Rebecca Roberts and Emed blame the common property for neglecting the influence of politic on resource their cost and benefits. Capitalism came with changes on how environment was traditionally used, the capitalists privatized the commons for their own benefit in an unappropriated way as they overused the environment and extracted more resources. Privatisation benefited only individuals but affect all people, moreover the grief is on the poor who suffer the most struggles. Since the commons are privatized they are also inherited from generation to generation which creates more conflict between the losers and winners, since the benefits only reside within a given…show more content…
Environmental health has its own conflict because the waste is mostly disposed in rural areas by industries resulting in local people reacting violent against industries and mines. it true according to Hardin the most rapidly growing populations on the earth today are the most miserable. Power central of human environment relation reside in humans, as they are the ones who decide why, how and when to use environmental and they make their own policies for themselves on how they should use it. Humans are the sole impactor of environment and only them that can resolve environmental issues. As the humans have central power on commons exploitation they also have it for resolving the socio-environmental issues, they are experiencing through

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