What Is My Goals In College Essay

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College, that main goal that I’ve had since I started high school. I have known from the first day of 8th grade that college was where I was going to start my life. Everyone has different goals when it comes to schooling, mine on the other hand is pretty simple. One of my main goals is to finish college in the time frame that is expected from the college. I plan to reach these goals with a couple steps. I’m starting the college life early by taking 13 credit hours during my last semester of high school. I hope by taking some early credit classes that it will help me be more confident in college and by that time I will have learned some great study habits. While taking college classes in high school it has taught me how to juggle schoolwork, college assignments, working every weekend and maintaining a normal social life. With doing all of those things I hope that college goes as expected.…show more content…
All throughout elementary and up to the 10th grade I was in the schools sped program. I always had the problem of staying focused during classes; another difficulty for me was taking tests. I was known as a selective reader, meaning I would skip over words without even realizing it. I always felt that I needed to work as fast as I could and finish things first. I quickly learned that it didn’t matter how fast you got done but how well everything was put together in the end. I had to teach myself new study habits and learn new ways to do assignments and take tests, since the way I knew before was wrong. It was a long process for me but with plenty of time and trying new ways I learned what worked for me. Last year I was retested for the sped program and passed the test with the highest score I ever had. Today I feel so accomplished knowing that one of my biggest struggles was fixed and that it was fixed all by
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