FS 102 Course Analysis

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When I began my FS 102 course, I was only just beginning my very first semester of college, so I would say that I performed at a rather moderate level as a college student. Looking back, I would justify the rating that I have given myself because I did do well, but I did underestimate how challenging the workload might be. For example, during one week, I had several essays to write for a few different classes and only a few days to write them on top of also working for all three of those days. Another example would be when I got my first exam of the semester back and I had gotten a ninety-two percent. I was very proud of myself for this and it showed that I could and would probably be okay. Although, looking back, I definitely did not put enough effort into the first few assignments that I turned in, which earned me a lower grade that what I could have earned.…show more content…
I am taking the following steps to accomplish this goal: take good notes, turn in all work in on time, study notes, show up to class every day, ask for help when I need it, and prepare well for exams. Taking notes and studying have been the most helpful steps so far in my effort to completing this goal. I did not include these artifacts in my portfolio because all of my notes for my classes are in notebooks. Right now, I am continuing to follow my steps in order to complete my goal at the end of the semester. My grades so far this semester have been alright, although I do need to make sure to increase my effort in a few of my classes if I want to attain my goal. This goal is important to me because it will kind of set the tone for how much work I need to do to get through my classes with good grades in the future since I plan on going into a graduate program after earning my bachelor’s

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