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Chapter 2. Spousal relationships and marriage compatibility In Russian psychology the most developed are the problems of the family "as the unit of society", while at the same time, family relationships are in them poorly understood, as well as the marital relationship. According to LB Schneider, family relations - the phenomenon in which I and significant others, merged in such a way that the isolation of life, is the result of nature, the human person, a harmonious and reasonable interaction with the native people (17, p.78). LY Gozman emotionally represents three elements: emotion, studying the other person, the installation on the other person and interpersonal perception (6, p.57). Following this position, an objective perception of family…show more content…
A person is not indifferent to what others have a close view of him and recognize his personality traits. With the help of his imagination each person is as it is perceived by others, and accordingly builds interaction with them. "I-identity" and "Other" are inseparable and intertwined with each other. The human act of their own and others' has always seen from the perspective of evaluation significant others, and the action is realized by the standards and standards of the people and should. Man behaves, focusing on group norms, which formed his conscience. MM Bakhtin argues that the formation of the soul is the ability to open feeling at home and the other people in the world, gaining the love of the home, to the fact that the stores "verbatim" and "genuine person" (17, p.81). Jaspers said that the closeness of people are able to perceive the existence of the individual, its original base, which is seen through the eyes of the "other" before any allocation of any positive content people like best is the guarantee that being…show more content…
There are the following types of interpersonal relationships: relationships love, friendly, friendly, friendly, love, family, marital, family, destructive. The biggest inclusion of personal and individual characteristics, there is a friendly, family and marital relations. Every interpersonal relationship is due to a certain distancing between the partners, implying a particular measure of role participation of requirements to the frequency and duration of meetings. With the deepening of the relationship, regardless of friendly or married is decreasing distance and increasing the frequency of contacts, eliminated the role of the (16, p.95). Relations between people in the system of psychological knowledge are understood through the interaction of a system of contacts, communications, evaluation subject themselves these interactions and contacts, as well as the partners involved in

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