John Hunter, The Father Of Modern Surgery

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Stitches, scars, staple marks and keloids, these are just some of the evident things that could be found in the person who had undergone surgery. According to Dorland’s definition of surgery, it rooted from the Greek word CHIRURGIA, cheir means hand and ergon means work. Surgery is a branch of medicine that treats diseases, injuries and deformities by manual or operative methods performed by a physician who specializes in surgery. There are several types of surgeries performed for over years and has its own history. Formerly, Barber surgeons are barbers who are authorized to practice minor surgeries including bloodletting, since they have the finest knives during those times. Today, many surgeons has specialized fields, such examples would…show more content…
Andreas Versalius who truly explored the human anatomy from the abandoned cadaver he stolen. Another famous one, was, Leonardo da Vinci who dissected human body and made drawings. On the 18th century, John Hunter made a leap in surgery. He is known as the Father of Modern Surgery. He was considered one of the most influential surgeon of all time. He stand out because of his quality in research. His surgical researches across among different animal species. His techniques was based on his own rather than what is taught in some books. He did a successful operation to treat aneurysms of the popliteal artery. Hunter's work led to a scientific professionalism, the use of hypothesis and experimentation, to surgery that led directly to the advances of the ensuing 250 years (Sedlack, 2012). During this ages, 1735, the first successful appendectomy was recorded by Claudius Amyand. His first patient was an 11-year-old boy who swallowed a pin that caused perforations. Surgery at the abdomen cavity took time unlike the other surgical procedures because abdomen is so delicate and too many organs to consider. Later, 1759, a successful surgery for acute appendicitis was made in Bourdeux. Anesthesias are not yet available, during those times they need more assistants to restrain patients form unbearable pain. Everything are done manually, no anesthetics so they must do the procedure as quick as they…show more content…
Simpsons wasn’t able to diagnose the side effects of Chloroform. Joseph Lister developed an antiseptic for surgery after he follow the advice of Thomas Anderson to read the book about Louis Pasteur. Lister discovered that carbolic acid is best to mix with lime and benzene or known as phenol today. As Lister developed the Phenol it is used to sterilize surgical instruments and to clean wounds. Cleaning wounds after surgery made patients less likely develop infections. Some important events or things happened in the early surgeries. Robert Lawson Tait removes the fallopian tube of a woman suffering an ectopic pregnancy, rubber gloves are first used in surgery, first non-direct blood transfusion is carried out, first pacemaker is installed, first hip replacement surgery was performed, limb reattachment, discovery of lasers used for eye surgery, and first heart and lung

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