Should The Little Mermaid Be Shown To Children

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Should The Little Mermaid be shown to children? This question has stirred up controversy between Disney and its viewers, since the movie has been out. In the Disney produced film The Little Mermaid, Ariel the main character is perceived as a very beautiful, powerful, venturous, and independent young woman who is very intrigued with new findings of all sorts’, especially human related objects. Ariel being the curious girl she is, wonders off to see a sailing ship and finds her true love at first glance falling head over heels for him. Now Ariel is determined to do anything to be with her prince. Now all she seems to care about is being with this prince and not stopping until she is with him. Ariel breaks the rules of her father and betrays him…show more content…
For instance in the little mermaid the most powerful character roles are giving to men, except for Ursula. Although she does have some very manly traits. An example of a man with a powerful role would be Ariel’s dad Zeus the king of the oceans, another would be Prince Eric when he defeated Ursula by steering the ship out of the water vortex stabbing her in her stomach with the ship. While every other woman except for Ariel and Ursula in the movie has a very subtle role and are for the most part quiet, and don’t do much but look pretty in the background. This makes it easier for girls to accept the common lie that men are stronger and more powerful than women. This is a very key lie when talking about sexism, because we are supposed to view each gender as equal. How are we supposed to do so when Disney is letting these little girls believe the opposite, by giving the males these powerful roles and saving the princess or saving the day. Letting them think that they don’t have to fight for themselves because their man will save and rescue them and everything will be perfectly okay

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