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I have learned a lot about myself and the changing world I live in. Anthropology means the scientific study of humans, including their origins; behaviour; and physical, social, and cultural development. My culture is Hindu and I speak Tamil. Now days our culture has changed a lot. We had so much traditions and values and people started top break and not believing in our culture including me. My family and I used to go to temple on special days but these days only my mom goes to the temple. We were also not allowed to eat meat in certain days because it was part of our culture. In my family, only my mom still follows these rules. Sociology means the scientific study of human social behaviour, including individuals, groups, and society. I’m in high…show more content…
People want me to change just because the world is changing but I’m trying to be me. Psychology means the scientific study of the human mind, mental states, and human behaviour. I live with my dad, mom, sister and myself. I was the first born and sometimes my mom and dad treat me differently than my sister because she is younger than me. I find that not fair because just because she is younger than me they treat her different. My sister gets whatever she wants and its the opposite for me. Alienation means when a person withdraws or becomes isolated from other people and his or her environment. Sometimes when my friends and myself hanging out during lunch time, i feel left out because their first language is related each other. My friends all speak Punjabi or Guajarati and I’m the only one who speaks Tamil and have a hard time understanding them. Another reason I left alienated because my friends have phones and I’m the only one without a phone and that makes me feel left. I always wonder what they send each other and it just makes me feel sad that I can’t do the same thing as

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