Victim Offender Mediation Case Study

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Victim-offender mediations primarily consist of lesser crimes such as property crimes and minor assaults, but are not ruled out when it comes to the more serious cases. There are several factors that leads up to a case being used in the restorative justice process and especially the steps that are needed to be taken before the actual meeting of the offender and victim takes place. These steps consist of victim safety, careful screening processes, mediating meeting with the offender first, the choices the victim has on how to meet (skype, face-face, etc.), proper preparation of both victim and offender, victim support and follow-up after mediation session. Each of these steps is carefully followed to make sure the session goes as well as hoped (citation/no author).…show more content…
Each mediation program will have its own criteria for case selection, such as type of offender and age of offender. In addition to program criteria, both staff and mediators should exercise discretion as each case is developed at each step of the process, asking themselves if this case is suited for and should proceed to this type of mediation (citation/no author).The third step, again relates to the safety of both offender and victim, this stage is the mediator meeting with the offender before approving the offender victim mediation. The fourth step again relates to the safety of the victim because it is imperative that the victim is a willing participant throughout the whole process. The firth step focusing on the victim and the choices they chose to make throughout the process of mediation. Example of this would be the seating during the mediation, normally this consists of the two parties sitting across from each other but the victim has the choice to change the seating arranging. Next, is the proper precreation the mediator is responsible for portraying, this step is making sure the victim is fully prepared for what lies ahead.

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