Eco Friendly Plantation Berhad Case Study

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Company information Eco Friendly Plantation Berhad is an industrial producer of sustainable palm oil in Malaysia. Eco Friendly Plantation Berhad has more than 30,000 hectares of planted oil palm plantations. Eco Friendly Plantation Berhad is completely vertically coordinated, producing its own seed and planting, cultivating and harvesting its own land and processing and refining palm oil. Eco Friendly Plantation Berhad also uses the refining process by-product to make soap, cosmetic and detergent. Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil (HPKO), Oleochemicals, and Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD) are the by-products of palm oil refining which use to produce soap cosmetic and detergent. The reasons Eco Friendly plantation Berhad decide to go international…show more content…
A joint venture also provides the advantage of share the business risk of entering into or expanding a business. Sharing resources and cost will reduce the business risk burden. Starting a joint venture allow the participants to access the markets that they would not have access to individually. For instance, one joint venture part may have the obliged protected innovation for a venture while alternate has the foundation or distribution systems to get to businesses and clients. Given the measure of the joint venture, the gatherings might likewise find that they have more noteworthy bartering force in arranging contracts for the dissemination or supply contracts, or understandings for the buy of goods, supplies and administrations than they would have separately. Cultural…show more content…
In February, Denmark’s coldest month, the mean temperature is 0°C and in July the average temperature is 20°C. In recent years the temperature in summer has risen to 30°C. There is not too much variation between day and night temperatures. When going to Denmark be prepared for rain, since in Copenhagen it rains on average 170 days a year. As in other Nordic countries, the winters are dark and the summers are light. On the shortest days there are only 7, 5 hours of daylight, whereas in the summer when the days are longest, the sun shines for more than 18 hours. International business in Denmark When doing business in a foreign country you need to be prepared to experience things that are different from your own culture. Without proper preparation and planning you may find yourself experiencing ‘culture shock’ that may have a negative influence on your business dealings. It is understandable that as an active business person you can only invest a limited amount of time in the exploration of cultural differences. Sometimes it is only a few hours after landing in a new country that you find yourself in a meeting room talking

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