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1. Have you ever been to SeaWorld and experienced the splash zone fun? Odds are you have and loved it. On the other hand, I just loved seeing the whales, dolphins, and all the other amazing creatures in the water and didn’t care for the splash zone fun. The splash zone fun was a huge plus, but all I wanted to see was in a tank right in front me. The first time I went to SeaWorld was when I was ten years old and ever since then I have wanted to be a marine biologist. I have always been interested in marine creatures and I love helping animals, so I think marine biology is the right job for me. The first thing to know about marine biology before jumping into that career is what do marine biologists have to do every day. Find out what it is…show more content…
10. Being in good physical shape can help because marine biologists do lots of fieldwork. Have great research skills, strong oral communication skills, and written communication skills. Be able to work with a team, but also alone. Always being self-motivated and creative can help a lot (Marine Biologist). I need to work on my oral communication skills and research skills. Being in a well physical shape is a plus for me. 11. Marine biologists have some major satisfactions by learning how to help animals survive and how they can affect the world. Marine biologists create more possibilities in conserving the creatures. They used algae to synthesize fresh and different biofuels that reduces the need for oil rigs in Alaska (Shmoop Editorial Team). Doing a job that not only helps marine creatures, but the entire world sounds like the best job anyone could have. Helping a tiny piece of the world affects the whole world and that is simply an amazing job…show more content…
8. They can work up to anywhere between forty to fifty hours a week and nine to ten hours a day in a lab. While working as a professor, working sixty hours a week could happen frequently (Marine Biologist). The hours worked for marine biologist are long and harsh. The hours that marine biologists work could be an asset for wanting this job. Marine biologists don’t make a ton of money. 14. Coming out of college, marine biologists make 30k dollars a year. Having a master’s degree means more cash and having a doctorate degree can help get 80k dollars a year. Location can help bring in more dollars. Biologists working for private firms make more than biologists working for the government. The amount of years worked affects the amount of money made. The overall salary is 51k dollars for a marine biologist (Shmoop Editorial Team). Marine biologists don’t make tons of cash. If a lot of money is wanted, don’t be a marine biologist. 16. Marine biology should still be growing ten years from now because of the vast ocean and creatures we still haven’t discovered yet (Shmoop Editorial Team). Five years from today I will probably still be in college getting my degree, but ten years from now I will likely be a new and fresh marine

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