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The career I plan to pursue in the future is a career as a welder. I choose welding as a career for a few reasons, not just because the job pays well. I feel like I can make a career out if it for many years. Welding is a more hands on physical job, and that is the type of work that interests me. One of the main reasons why I like the welding industry is that it requires basic formal education. That means that I can just get a high school diploma and get a job as a welder. As a welder you do not need all those degrees and certifications, you just really need skills. In some cases you do not even have to have a high school diploma, all you will need is a certification. As a welder, you will need to know different techniques to help build your skills.…show more content…
If you wanted to build a career as a welder that gets paid a lot, you will probably have to take other classes. These classes are; mathematics, metallurgy, blueprint reading, welding symbols, and other things in that nature. Some classes you may not have to take but that depends on which fields of welding you are going to do. Welders use their skills to fuse different kinds of metal together so it can fix or hold something. In a way you can say welder help build the world, because there tall medal building will not be able to hold with welds. Welders help in fields from construction to manufacturing and that is the kind of work that I like to do. Another reason why I like this field of work is because the type of environment that I will be in. I like to be around older people so they can help me and older people do not play around so work will get done. Welding also pays well too. Hourly you can make $13 up to about $100, weekly you can make between500 or more, and monthly you could make$ 2,000 and up. However, you only get paid top dollar according on how good you are in

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