Pros And Cons Of Edward Snowden

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Rick Ramgattie Thursday, 5 Feb 2015 CPSC 321 Short Paper 2 Ethics, Morality of Edward Snowden The duty of a nation is to ensure the safety of its citizens. However, the presence of technology makes it difficult to maintain national security. The misuse of technology has posed internal and external threats on the United States. Under the authority of the U.S. the National Security Agency has taken various measures to mitigate the risks against its national security. As commendable as that may sound, everyone does not agree on the way the NSA carries out their national security risk mitigation agenda. For instance, Mr. Edward Snowden did not agree with the ways of the NSA. As a result, Snowden took matters into his own hands and revealed the secrets kept by the NSA to the world. In the following…show more content…
Nevertheless, contrary to popular belief, metadata can be significantly informational. According to renowned security expert Bruce Schneier, metadata can reveal as much as where a person went, who they spoke to, for how long they spoke with said person, what they looked at, and what they purchased within any given day. That is, the tactics of gathering metadata reveal a wealth of detail about practices that end users may want to keep private, such as political, religious, and intimate practices . In my opinion, it appears that PRISM has gathered more data about the average American than it has thwarted national security threats. Similarly, it not to far off to imagine that people who have plans against national security will simply keep themselves “off the grid.” By the same token, this means that the overall efforts of operation PRISM simply make terrorism non “Internet friendly.” As to be shown by the Boston Marathon Bombings, the operation does not stop

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